Kyle Biagan – Scout

Kyle Biagan sent an email inquiring about a trial for the Philippine Men National Football Team.

He gave a brief background about himself. He recently turned 18 last July 18, was born in Irvine California in the United States, and is a dual citizen.

According to him he plays in Center Back, Right Back, Left Back and
Center Midfield.

Furthermore, Kyle shares his football plans, and I will quote him:

I was offered to be a red-shirt player by UC San Diego, now a Division-1 team in the NCAA Big West Conference, to be in their practice squad by Head Coach Jon Pascale, former Stanford Head Coach.

I was also being recruited by Division-2 and -3 universities such as Vanguard University, Colorado School of Mines, and Illinois Wesleyan University, but I chose to attend UC Santa Barbara.

If PFF officials are watching, you can reach out to Kyle Biagan through the following:
Cellphone: (949) 689-8270

Check out his Youtube videos and judge for yourself.



Disclaimer: This is not the official Philippine Football Team scout, and the comments made by the author and the readers are solely based on personal opinion.

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  • Embee says:

    He looks like a strong player, has impressive skills! He will make a great addition to the Philippine team, no doubt!

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