Dan Palami decides to suit up for the depleted Azkals

With the recent departures of formidable defenders such as Rob Gier and Juani Guirado, Dan Palami decides to play as a defender to fill the void.

His wearing of football boots during his elementary graduation and his more than five years of experience as the team manager are enough qualities that caught the eye of coach Tom Dooley.

This is a welcome news among the Azkals players, as they also see Palami in every team training and camps abroad.

“It’s hard to score a goal, and sir Dan easily dispossess the ball when I try to dribble past him” Stephan Schrock quips.

Azkals’ number one keeper Neil Etheridge says, “Sir Dan makes me a better goalkeeper when he is playing defender in front of me.”

What do you think of this April 1 news?

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